1. Commit to how many days you'll exercise.
1. Commit to how many days you'll exercise.
2. Check in at any gym or fitness center.
2. Check in at any gym or fitness center.
3. Keep your Pact to get fit and earn cash!
3. Keep your Pact to get fit and earn cash!

GymPact helps you commit to exercise and actually do it, using cash incentives!

Our members make 90% of their committed workouts.


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How many of us have bought a gym membership and never used it? GymPact’s core involves this situation in which something you want later (having gone to the gym) conflicts with something you want right now (staying home to watch TV).

We realized that with real money on the line and easy, fool-proof check-ins at gyms, people could actually push themselves to get out the door and into the gym.

In a Nutshell...

For most people, TV now is more desirable than going to the gym later. GymPact solves this with cash.

Do I need an iPhone to participate?

Yes, you need an iPhone. If your gym has wifi, an iPod Touch or iPad can also work for check-ins.

What gyms can you verify?

We can verify any fitness facility that is separate from your home or office. University gyms count, and so do yoga studios, swimming pools, tennis courts, martial arts studios, rock climbing gyms, outdoor tracks, or any standalone exercise facility.

If we don’t have your gym listed, simply add it the first time you check in there.

Outside the US?

Yes, GymPact works internationally! GymPact’s iPhone app is launched worldwide so just sign up and download the app to get started. If we don’t have your gym listed, simply add it the first time you check in there.

Tip: when you enter your payment, just leave the state field blank for international credit cards. We’re working on adding a country field to the sign up process.

What is a pact?

This is your commitment to get to the gym. You tell us how many days a week you want to exercise (minimum 1 day per week) and set the monetary stakes you’ll pay if you don’t go (minimum $5 per missed day).

Can I change my Pact?

Yes! We think flexibility is critical to fitness success. You can change your Pact days and stake for the upcoming week until Sunday at midnight the week before. Have to travel for a conference next week? Or just had your week freed up? Go ahead and change your Pact!

How do I check into my gym?

Simply download our iPhone app. When you’re at the gym, hit the Check In button and we’ll confirm via GPS that you’re there.

Can I check into a gym that is not listed on GymPact?

Yes and yes. We have over 40,000 gyms in our database, but if your gym or studio is not listed, you can simply add it via our app on your first check in at the gym. We’ll approve any valid fitness center, other than a home or office gym.

Does GymPact have a direct relationship to the gyms listed?

No, GymPact is not affiliated with the gyms we list. If you have a GymPact related question, please contact us directly.

What is a typical GymPact week’s schedule?

Your Pact is a weekly commitment running from Monday to Sunday. You can sign up for and change your Pact until Sunday night at midnight in your timezone. All Pacts starts on Monday and run until the next Sunday at midnight. We then send out attendance emails on Monday or Tuesday with your attendance and payments/rewards, and your Pact week starts again!

How do rewards work?

If you meet your Pact, you get a cash reward for each day committed, paid for by those who didn’t get to the gym! Rewards have generally been $0.50 to $0.75 per workout.

What happens if I miss a gym day?

Our users make it on average to 90% of the days they commit, but if you do happen to miss a day, we will charge the credit card we have on file for you according to your Pact amount and the number of days missed. In no other situation will you ever be charged.

Where do my monetary stakes go?

To the GymPacters who made it to the gym! Every week, we will pay out cash rewards to those who met their Pact from the Stakes paid by people who didn’t quite make it. Rewards can be cashed out via Paypal. We think if you put real money on the line, you should get real rewards.

What happens if I want to go on vacation?

The goal of our program is to keep you motivated, fit and healthy, and we believe that taking occasional breaks is an important part of a healthy life. You can freeze your account and tell us when you want to get back on your Pact.

What happens if I get injured or sick?

If you ever run into medical issues, just ask your doctor or employer to fill out this medical exemption note and email it to You’ll be exempt from your Pact until you are better.

Does it work?

The concept of GymPact comes from a Harvard behavioral economics class, and our pilot in Boston had a 90% success at getting people to the gym when they committed! We were featured on the Freakonomics blog, Boston Globe, NPR, etc.

Yifan Zhang — Co-Founder, CEO

Yifan is the CEO and chief taskmaster of GymPact. She currently handles talking to people and answering emails (aka inbound marketing and partnerships). Despite never stepping into a gym before college, Yifan is now a 3 day a week regular gym-goer, and very excited about it!

Geoff Oberhofer — Co-Founder, COO

Geoff is a fitness enthusiast and self-proclaimed Nice Guy originally from Tacoma, WA. Geoff spent most of his time at Harvard working in behavioral neurobiology labs and currently handles GymPact’s product development as well as coding the iPhone app. He enjoys weightlifting and hopes to change the world one incentive at a time.

Anuprit Kale — Lead Developer

Anuprit is easy-going, simple and happy-go-lucky, but in addition to these emotive talents also hacks in multiple languages most often Ruby on Rails and Java. After programming with Avaya for 2 years, he left his comfortable corporate gig to chase the dream with GymPact.

Steve Driver — Scientific Officer

Steve is a physician who thinks a gym visit today is the best way to keep the doctor away. After graduating from the Harvard School of Public Health, he helped Harvard Pilgrim quantify the value of improving wellness for clients like John Hancock Company. Steve currently practices medicine at one of America’s leading academic medical centers.



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